Cissy_Namulondo.JPGChild's Name: Cissy Namulondo


Date of Birth: 18th March,1998


Sex: Female


Class: Senior One


Status:  Needy


Country: Uganda


Family Background:

Cissy Namulondo is now 14-years old a student at Nakinyuguzi Secondary School. She has a dream of becoming a lawyer when she gets the chance for further education. Both of her parents are still alive but they separated and  live in abject poverty.

Her mother separated with her father when she was 5 years. The father went to another town where he got married to another woman. He no longer supports them, it has been their mother toiling to provide food, education and medical care through her sex work.

She is zealous of helping her mother and fellow Ugandans through justice. The biggest obstacle that Cissy faces is school fees though she stays at Mama Home, it cannot fully support Cissy and her personal needs as a teenager.