Partnership is a relationship existing between two or more persons who join to carry out a trade or a business. Each person contributes resources towards the business.

Living Hope Uganda in not an independent organization, we would like to partner with you and our partnership with you will take us another step ahead. Have you ever realized that human beings and plants are in partnership? Plants need carbon dioxide whereas humans need oxygen for respiration, plants give out oxygen to humans and at same time humans give out carbon dioxide. So everyone needs another in any way.

Your partnership with us may not necessarily mean financial donations despite we may need it, but there are several ways how you can be a partner; you may be a prayer, advisory, fundraising or encouraging partner. Whatsoever way you feel like, it will work for us.

God is seeking Kingdom partners to win souls and fill the Heaven and perhaps He has set rewards for them, the same way Living Hope Uganda is seeking for stakeholders, churches, organizations, individuals who have the heart of God, feeling compassion to orphans, widows and changing lives of suffering communities in educating children, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and as well as planting churches.

Let us know your stand and choice by contacting us.

Thank you.